Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wrap It Up!! Keep That Incision Dry!

Providing useable hints and tips for cancer survivors and their families.  That has been the goal of my little blog.  I can blather on all the live long day, but the absolute best tips come from YOU!!!

This is a great tip from the beautiful Carol who lives by the sea in beautiful Maine!!!

Do you have a brand spanking new porta-cath?  Maybe you're dying for a shower and your doctors and nurses don't want you to get the incision wet?

Do you have a post-op surgical incision that you aren't supposed to get wet yet?

Perhaps you have a drainage device or external catheter that you don't want to get wet while showering?  Or a dressing of some kind that you need to keep dry.

Carol would like to share her favorite new product to help keep some of those things dry while showering....

That's right.  Glad Press'n Seal!!! 

As someone who never cooks, I will tell you that plastic kitchen wrap has always befuddled me.  I find that most of it doesn't stick no matter what side you try to wrap or press it on. Whenever I put it around a bowl, it just hangs there doing nothing.  It never sticks to what it is supposed to.   The only thing it seems to stick to is itself.

My sister in law has used Glad Press'n Seal and I have to say it actually grabs on to whatever you are trying to wrap up in the kitchen.

Per Carol, it also works to help keep that dressing dry.  She keeps a roll in her kitchen and now one near her shower!

Apparently it has just enough "sticky"-factor to keep it in one place while you are bathing.  Also, if you have an abdominal wound, you could just roll this right around your waist like a plastic corset!

Here you can see, it is a little cloudy and Carol says the texture is perfect and easy to grab on to.

Most importantly....it keeps everything you need to keep dry in the shower, DRY!!!


If you use Emla cream on your porta-cath (to numb it up before they access it)  and you don't have any little plastic bio-occlusive dressings left, I bet this would work perfectly.

So, there is Carol's tip!!  Cheap, easy, works great!!

Whether you are wrapping a sandwich or a wound dressing, apparently this is a great product!!

Hope it helps!!

Thank you Carol!!!

Beautiful Carol from Maine!!

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