Tuesday, May 26, 2020

So Smart!!

SO Smart!!!

This is one of those ideas that you smack yourself on the head and say, "Why didn't I think of that???".   A big shout out to Cynthia Wass Shepard.  Cynthia is a member of a Facebook survivor group that I belong to.  Cynthia is a genius!!!

Cynthia knew she was going to lose her hair with chemo.  So, she cut her hair off into 2 braids and a couple of small pony tails.  She saved the hair swatches and used adhesive Velcro and attached the braids or pony tails to the inside of her ski caps (double banded elastic at top of braid).  

I have seen the fake swatches of hair or hair extensions attached to ball caps and headbands with Velcro (see link below) before.  But, I have never seen anyone cut their own hair before they lost it and do this with their own hair!!! FABULOUS.  

The best "wig" that I ever saw was one that the sister of a patient made for her.  She took a wig liner (which kind of resembles the top of a pair of panty hose...minus the crotch!!) and just glued rows of hair extensions to it, and the end result was incredibly realistic looking.  I imagine that if you were talented enough you might be able to use your own hair for that too.

Thanks Cynthia!!!  This is actually something that is doable for a lot of women out there!!!  So ladies, if you have hair that is long enough to put in a couple of braids or small pony tails....save it and make your own head wear!!!!!!!!!

Cute Braids

Pony Tail Version

For those of you who may not have long enough hair to cut, or the "hair" ship has already passed, here are some examples of "fake" Velcro'd hair or hair extensions Velcro'd into caps.  Also called "Add a bangs". 

Hope this helps!!!!