Monday, January 10, 2022

College Scholarships for Those Affected by Cancer 1/10/2022


College Scholarships for Those Affected by Cancer 1/10/2022

Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of “perks” that go with a cancer diagnosis.  No one hopes that they get cancer just to get an occasional freebie, perk, or use of “The Cancer Card”.  But sometimes there are some good things that you become eligible for just by virtue of your cancer diagnosis. 

You may or may not know that there are many college or vocational school scholarships available out there for those affected by cancer.  Some are for cancer survivors going back to school.  Some are for children of a parent affected by cancer.

This post is basically a list of links to find out more information on how to apply for scholarships. 


A few tips for searching:

 1) Start with a general Google search: “college scholarships for cancer survivors” brings up a lot of links. After you puruse all of the scholarships available for all types of cancer, you might refine your search to "college scholarships for colo-rectal cancer survivors".  Then, "for colo-rectal cancer survivors in the state of Maine" etc.  

2)      Links change all the time.  Some become outdated or grants run out of funding.  I suggest printing out the list of links and crossing off the “bad” ones as you go.  After an hour or so, they are all going to run together in your head!

3)      Always look at the description of who the scholarship is designed for.  If they are looking for a breast cancer survivor from Maine and you are an ovarian cancer survivor from Vermont, just move along to the next scholarship.  You’re not eligible for that scholarship.

4)      Always be mindful of deadlines.  There is no wiggle room on deadlines. If you miss an application deadline, it might be a year before the application process opens again.

5)      Some are age related.  Make sure that you are in their age range before you put a lot off effort into the application.

6)      If they ask for an essay, just reach into your heart and give an honest account of how cancer has affected you.  Save your words in a file so you can copy or paste for other applications if you need to.


Here’s a brief list of links.  Many of these links refer you to 10 or 15 other links:


Nancy's List:



Scholarships for students whose parents have or had cancer or who died of cancer include:

LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program

MaryEllen Locher Foundation Children of Breast Cancer Scholarships (for students within 50 miles of Chattanooga, TN)

Pink Ribbon Scholarship

PinkRose Foundation

Good luck!!!   I hope that this helps!!