Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Best Gifts to Give Cancer Patients-Part II

Here is a quick addition to my original post about "Best Gifts to Give Cancer Patients".

I recently had abdominal surgery and can personally attest to the fabulousness of the following products:

The Gopher!!!  (or any "pick me up" tool.  There are a lot of brands out there).

I found that bending down to pick things up post-operatively was the hardest thing for me to do.  Of course since it was the hardest thing to do, I kept dropping things like crazy!!!  Enter....The Gopher!!!  Yes, I realize it is one of those "Seen on TV" items, but it really is great and does work!!!

No abdominal surgery?  If you have a bad back or painful bone metastasis this is also a great tool to help you grab things!!

No Tie Shoe Laces

When I was trying to plan what items I would need post-operatively, I knew that I would need sneakers to help me walk outside during my recovery period.  I also knew that it would be tough tying my sneakers (due to bending and my abdominal incision).  I initially thought that backless sneakers would be the way to go.  But, they are just as expensive as regular sneakers and I wasn't crazy for the way they felt on my feet.  I still felt like I wanted the support in back of the sneaker.  I also didn't feel like ponying up $80-$100 for something I would only be wearing for 8 weeks.

Then, a FABULOUS and thoughtful friend (Thank you KG!!) gave me a pair of  "No Tie" sneaker laces.   GENIUS!!! 

They have all kinds of "No Tie" sneaker laces, but my kind friend gave me the "curly" kind.   Basically you put them on the first time while your feet are in the sneakers,  and then you pull them to tighten.  Et Voila!!  You are good to go and can just slip your feet in and out with only a minor occasional tweak.

"Sofsole No Tie" laces are what I received.  They are available on Amazon for $2.99.

The curly kind looks like an old phone cord.

This is kind of what they look like in your sneaker.  However, if you have an adult sneaker, there is less of the "curly" part on top.  If you have white laces they blend in more with your sneaker.
Okay yes,  you may not be winning "America's Next Top Model" while wearing them, but if you have trouble tying your sneakers, this is a comfortable and affordable option versus having to go out and buy a whole new pair of sneakers.

My favorite (which my friends have heard all nauseum!!)....

The Hammock Human Extractor!!!

My favorite place in the summer is my hammock in Maine.   Because of incisional pain, I knew that I would not be able to comfortably get in or get out of the hammock.  I stared at my hammock daily and longed to be in it!!!  Everyday I would try to gauge whether or not it would be possible to try getting in it. 

My fabulous brother took a cheap closet organizer we had (Target-under $10) and wrapped it around my birch tree.  He tied it in the front and fastened it in the back with a small bungee cord.  PERFECTION!!!  I was able to use it to help me get in and out of the hammock more easily.  I held it like a waterskiing rope, rocked back and forth with my feet and I was out!!  TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

So, not all cancer survivors may have this hammock dilemma, but if you know one who does....they will thank you for this device!!!!

Bottom line:  cancer survivors will be grateful for your thoughtfulness with any of these gifts.

Hope this helps!!