Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Summer Days Drifting Away" -Summer and Chemo

To those of you getting chemo.....think Sandy and Danny from Grease by day.  See, they are totally all covered up at the beach!!  Yes, we all agree that they are also sicky sweet and dreamy and nauseating, but they are fully protected from the sun!!! 

Please note that John Travolta really didn't need to wear a hat because that freakin nasty, greasy overhang of "bangs" protects his whole face from the sun...but I digress!!

For those of you on chemo....please be careful going out in the sun!  You may have had that "olive" skin your entire life and never burned in the sun before.  BEWARE.  CHEMO CAN MAKE YOU MORE SENSITIVE TO THE SUN THAN EVER BEFORE.  We have seen some bad burns and bad rashes in the clinic from trips to the beach.  Even short excursions have produced some blistering sunburns for those who are not used to the changes in their skin. 

We've also heard many complaints of sun sensitivity from you ladies taking Tamoxifen.  Are you taking antibiotics or antifungals to help you get through chemo?  These can add to the rash and sun sensitivity issues.

YES, we want you to have some fun and some normalcy in your life!!!  You deserve it!!  We're just saying that you need to be more mindful than the average bear when out in the sun when you are on chemo.

Hats, umbrellas, protective clothing, gallons of sunscreen (and PLEASE DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS)!!!  Please channel your inner Sandy and Danny by day!!!

As far as channeling Sandy and Danny on "those summer ni-ghts (tell me more, tell me more)...."  What you do at night is up to you!!!   Go put on a pair of vintage Candies FM slides from the 80's and full body Spanx and go wild!!! 

 I loved those shoes!!! (my foot circa 1981!!)
Pictures:  Paramount

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