Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sailing Heals

I have the very fabulous Shirley to thank for this great resource!!
Shirley is an awesome ovarian cancer survivor who loves the ocean.  She went on a day sail with the folks from "Sailing Heals".  According to Shirley, it was an amazing day!! 
Cancer survivors and their guests get a free sail (and sometimes lunch!) out on the ocean compliments of Sailing Heals and their generous donors.
According to their website, Sailing Heals is a non profit that teams sailors up with cancer survivors, (and their caregivers/friends) and provides them with a sailing experience that they will not forget!!
Apparently they can take groups ranging in size from 20  to 150 depending on the size of the boat.  The ride can last as long as a few hours on their day sail, to several days on one of their schooners.
This is a resource for cancer survivors in MA, RI, and FL.  WOW.  What a great idea and awesome gift for cancer survivors and their families!!!  The healing power of the ocean.  Spending time with caregivers and friends away from doctors and clinic appointments = AWESOME.

I also love that they call their cancer survivor guests simply "VIP guests"!!  So true!!
You can't really say it better than this...
"Cancer took a backseat that day; we had the time of our lives" -Linnea Duff, VIP guest of Sailing Heals.
From their website:
About Sailing Heals

"Sailing Heals’ essential mission is to take individuals and their families or caretakers out on the water for a beautiful day of sailing and respite. Sailing Heals matches owners of beautiful boats (sailing or motorized) with patients and their caretakers and host them for complimentary 2 hour sails, often accompanied by a water-side lunch or picnic. 
Sailing Heals is a 501(c)(3) organization which offers enjoyable sailing experiences to VIP patient guests, their caretakers and staff who would benefit from a memorable and healing day on the water. Operating in Marblehead, MA, Southeastern MA, Nantucket, New York City, Newport and Miami, its mission is to give people in need an “escape for a spirit-lifting day at sea.” Its second aim is to bring the great sport of sailing and the healing properties of the sea to people who might not ordinarily be exposed to its benefits; and its third aim is to be the charity of choice for sailing and boating enthusiasts who are keen to give back to others and share their beloved sport. Sailing Heals is supported by generous donors and sponsors."
To find out more information about becoming a donor or becoming a VIP cancer survivor guest, contact them at:
Sailing Heals, Inc.
5 Winchester St.
Bradford, MA 01835

Thanks for telling me about this great resource Shirley!!


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