Friday, August 10, 2012

We Love!!! Thank You Scott Hamilton!!

Just a quick shout out to Scott Hamilton (yes the skater and testicular cancer survivor!!) and the team that runs the  website.  This is one of my favorite websites for any cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy.   

The site is a great resource to find out more about chemotherapy drugs, their side effects and how to manage those side effects.  Content is very user friendly and understandable.

We use this website all the time in our chemotherapy clinic.  When a patient is about to start a new chemo regimen, we print out information about each of the chemotherapy drugs in that regimen and give it to our patients to take home to read.  The website has information in English and in Spanish.

Scott Hamilton has truly become a great advocate for cancer survivors.  We love famous people who take their own adversity and make a difference for others.  Rock on Scott Hamilton and!!

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