Monday, April 2, 2012

Massachusetts Ovarian Cancer License Plate Initiative

Drawing by Jamie Dudley
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Margie Ferreira!!

Margaret’s Mission for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

This is a project of LOVE by the very wonderful Margie Ferreira (who was kind enough to speak at our Ovarian Cancer Retreat last fall!!).   She truly honors her mother (who had ovarian cancer) with this initiative.  The goal is to get 1500 people to "pre-order" a MA Ovarian Cancer Awareness license plate, so that this dream can become a reality and the license plates can be made!!

It's more than just a license plate.  It is about spreading the word and raising awareness of ovarian cancer.  If you know anyone with ovarian cancer, please help RAISE AWARENESS by signing up !!!  Fill in the application at their website (for more info see below).

TEAL IS THE NEW PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I signed up.  Would proudly put this on my car in honor of the many amazing women I know (and have known) with ovarian cancer!!! 

I find it absolutely crazy that they need 1500 people to sign up for the MA Ovarian Cancer Awareness License Plate Initiative and so far only 50 people have signed up???? What??? Come on people!!!

Please see the links below for more information and for more of Margie's story.
Margaret’s Mission for Ovarian Cancer Awareness
P.O. Box 426111
Cambridge, MA 02142
Telephone: 617.413.7751

Facebook Page!/pages/Massachusetts-Ovarian-Cancer-License-Plate-Initiative/279279362090977

(drawing by Jamie Dudley)

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