Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Little Bling for a Good Cause

Here's my disclaimer...I have a particular soft spot in my heart for a certain group of ovarian cancer survivors.  They are the incredible "Goddesses" of the BMC Ovarian Cancer Mind-Body Support Group!!!  Here is one of their favorite resources:  Ovations for the Cure.  

Ovations for the Cure has raised 1.4 million dollars to support ovarian cancer research and programs, the majority at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital in MA.

Per their website:  “Ovations for the Cure is an organization dedicated to supporting research objectives, groundbreaking treatment programs, public education awareness efforts, patient information and morale-boosting initiatives for ovarian cancer survivors.”  We're all for that!!

Ovations has a variety of programs:

  •  The annual “Learning for Living with Ovarian Cancer Symposium”—a free conference open to ovarian cancer survivors to discuss the latest research and news about ovarian cancer. 
  •  Their "Happy Feet" program which provided a boost of fab fashion shoes to over 3500 women. 
  •  The “Princess Bead and Bracelet” project which provides free bracelets to ovarian cancer survivors as a “way of guiding them on their road to recovery” 
  •  The “Helping Hands" food assistance program-provides a month’s worth of food for 8 ovarian cancer survivors per month who need assistance.  Two of my support group members received assistance from this program and they were very grateful for these well balanced meals.  They deliver them to your house.   Apply at:

I think that the "Helping Hands" program is just for women in Massachusetts, but the website says New England.  I will investigate this, but in the interim I would suggest that you apply online or contact Susan Patterson at 508-655-5412 (current 2012 phone number) or for specifics. 

Here's a picture of the awesome bracelet that is given free to all ovarian cancer survivors ($50 if you received the free shoes from Happy Feet program already).  It really is beautiful.

To get your survivor bracelet: 

There is also a "supporters" bracelet for the loved ones of ovarian cancer patients ($100).  The money goes to a good cause.  The only difference between this and the survivor bracelet is that the bead on this one has a few rows of "clear" beads and says "supporter" on it.  The other is solid teal and has the word "survivor" on the bead.

To order your supporter bracelet, go to the same website and order right below the link above.

When I called Ovations in 2011, they had not come up with the supporter bracelet and I was not very  happy about this.  I loved the bracelet and wanted to show my support for my "Goddesses".  So, I made my own.  

I strongly encourage buying your bracelets from Ovations because they are a much higher quality than the one I made.  Also, most importantly, the proceeds from sales go to ovarian cancer research and programs.  Ultimately we all want a CURE FOR OVARIAN CANCER!!!

BUT....I also know that if you are an ovarian cancer survivor who already got the free shoes from Ovations, $50 is a lot of money (especially if you are going through treatment).  I would hate to see a survivor denied the opportunity to wear one to show her solidarity with her sisters, and to tell the world that she is an ovarian cancer survivor.  So, I will tell you where I got my beads.  I will also tell you that it was extremely easy to make this.  You basically just unscrew the ends and slide 3 beads on.  Believe me when I tell you that if I can do it, anyone can.

I strongly URGE you to buy yours from Ovations, but here are the links to buy the bead and bracelet if you can't afford the $50.  Remember, if you didn't get the "Happy Feet" already from Ovations and you are an ovarian cancer survivor, the bracelet is FREE.

Teal crystal bead:

I also honor my patients with other cancers besides ovarian cancer.  They have beautiful beads in pink for breast cancer, blue for colon cancer, orange for leukemia (this one's for you Cindy!!) etc.  Check out A
mazon or  (look for the Caspia line on artbeads).

The bracelet is called a 2.5 mm cuff bracelet.  You can get them in sterling or cheaper if it is not real sterling.

For all of the bracelets (from Ovations or other), make sure you tighten the little balls at the ends every time you put it on, as they tend to loosen and fall off. 

If you would like to donate to Ovations, it is a good cause.  If you would like to "sponsor" a bracelet for an ovarian cancer survivor, go to the same Ovations link to donate.

If you are a cancer survivor and don't know what "color" has been chosen to represent "your" cancer, here is a list:

Hope this helps!!

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