Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been inspired by my young and happening friend Natalie to start a blog.  She is a burgeoning fashionista and her blog is delightfully entertaining:

Natalie is a former co-worker of mine, is presently a research administrator at Tufts Medical Center, and one day she will rule the world.  Thank you Natalia for the inspiration!!

My posts will not be as entertaining as Natalie's, but should anyone with cancer ever read this blog, maybe it will help them.

First resource item every cancer survivor and/or their families should get their hands on:  CURE Magazine.


CURE Magazine is all about cancer.  Okay, okay, okay....I know what you are thinking.  Why would anyone want to subscribe to a magazine solely cancer related?  Well, it is hugely informative.  It is packed with  everything from resources for retreats to help you cope with cancer, clinical trials, latest research results,  books, what's new in cancer and it gives you updates on what is happening at all of the big MD conferences related to cancer.   But most importantly it has great articles about real cancer survivors.  It is filled with HOPE.  Definitely not a downer.  It is about LIVING with Cancer.

The subscription is FREE.  That's right....FREE.  You can also read it online at, but that is a little choppy for me.  I still like the good old paper magazine version.  You might have picked up a copy in your chemo or radiation clinic or doctor's office.  Did I mention that it is FREE????  It comes out quarterly.  I guarantee that you will find something helpful in every issue.

That's it.  My first recommendation on my very first day of blogging.  Hope it helps!  Oh yeah, and it's
FREE  : )

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